I am an Emergency Medicine Consultant in the UK. The aim of this blog is to try and communicate useful learning points I have gleaned from treating patients with in the various ED’s I have had the fortune to work in. There is so much knowledge out there online to read thanks to #FOAMed. Most of the learning points in the posts have been handed down to me by people far more intelligent than I am!

People always say “don’t sweat the small stuff, concentrate on the bigger picture”. I say “Sweat the small stuff…”. This blog is about the importance of knowing as much as you can about every disease, equipment, processes and procedures you come across in everyday practice in the ED.

If one person reading the blog learns one thing that will help them in their clinical practice, then writing this blog has been worth it! Enjoy!

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Today’s post is pretty self explanatory. I am proud of the EM consultants & junior doctors  I work with. Dear Junior Doctor Colleagues, The St George’s Hospital Emergency Department (ED) Consultants know how difficult and stressful the last few weeks must have been for you regarding the uncertainty of your future contract. Rest assured that […]

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Today a short post as I have just finished a night shift as a resident ED consultant and am bleary eyed. However this is an issue I feel, like many others in the UK, particularly strongly about.  “A patient has a 15% higher chance of dying if they are admitted to a hospital on a […]

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A date with death

Originally posted on abrainia:
You may perhaps have noticed some stories in the media about weekend staffing in NHS hospitals. This was triggered when Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, announced his plans to forcibly alter Consultant contracts to enforce weekend working. In justification for these measures, he quoted some statistics, and made some additional statements.…

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