Stan, It’s time for the not the nine o’clock Bed Meeting….

A short & light hearted post today. A colleague of mine, Stan, (@wgbrook) sent me this the other day. It’s a sketch from a television comedy sketch show in the UK called “Not the nine o’clock news…”. The show aired from 1979 to 1982. The Hospital Bed Auction sketch is from Decemeber 1980 and starts from 0:30 to 3:00 mins.


There are plenty of posts out there on the current issues about NHS privatisation and “future consultant” (the term “junior” annoys me) contract in the UK. Im not going to reinvent the wheel and repeat what has already been said so eloquently.

The team of comedians who wrote this are very talented and it seems they could see into the future. I did find this amusing and then terrifying. Is this where we are heading in the UK?…



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