“There’s a storm coming, Mr Wayne…”

As Catwoman said to Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Rises:

There has been a large backlash from UK junior doctors against Jeremy Hunt’s proposed changes to the #juniorcontract. What if this is a smokescreen for the proposed changes to the existing consultant contract? This is not like 2003, where a new contract was being proposed. These are just changes to the existing one. The BMA are still negotiating with the government about the consultant contract but the plan is for it to be enforced in April 2016.

If, like me, you were under the impression that the new changes would not affect the current consultants and only affect the future ones, then I’m afraid you are misinformed.Thanks to @trentconsultant for doing the video!

Why are we here?

Negotiations have been demanded by the Government and NHS Employers, not the BMA. The aims are:

  1. To have a 7 day NHS
  2. Changes to Clinical Excellence Awards (CEAs)- Local ones currently held will be lost. The proposed system of local awards are not permanent.
  3. Remove automatic pay progression 
  4. Lower basic consultant starting and top-of-pay salary scales. (2 point pay scale. Reach £95K in 5 yrs instead of 14yrs, but lower starting salary of £71K. The step up related to performance)
  5. All changes must be cost-neutral

Unsocial hours:

Specialities that work a lot of unsocial hours may get a pay rise and other specialities may get less. Like the junior contract, there will be an extension of plain time pay to include evenings and saturdays.


  1. Removal of  S3P6 (schedule 3, paragraph 6) from the consultant contract – the part which allows consultants to decline non-emergency work outside of core hours. S3P6 safeguards a healthy, safe and productive work-life balance for doctors and the government refused to agree protections such as safe working hours and necessary rest time between shifts, or adequate compensation recognising the impact of working long and anti-social hours.
  2. Lower starting salary.
  3. Potential financial loss from more experienced consultants.
  4. Loss of existing CEAs.


  1. Faster access to higher salary.
  2. Guaranteed minimum SPA time for new consultants.

What’s happening now?

The BMA is currently negotiating with the DoH and NHSE between now and December to get consultants the fairest deal. A deal will be balloted by consultants and ST3+.

Well, I will just vote “No”….

If you vote “No”…

The Government has said it will impose:

  1. Movers and new starters- new contract
  2. Leave old contract to wither and vine- no pay increases
  3. Remove CEAs from existing holders.

My advice would be to tell others about this and join the BMA so you are eligible to vote…..

Remember the BMA are still negotiating to try and get us the best deal.

Please share this to enable others to be informed.



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