A date with death

A great post from abrania, looking at the evidence behind Mr Hunt’s 7 day NHS speech. Is what we are being told all true? Thanks to the author for letting me repost it. No point in re-inventing the wheel, probably quite badly, when someone has already done it so eloquently!
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You may perhaps have noticed some stories in the media about weekend staffing in NHS hospitals. This was triggered when Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, announced his plans to forcibly alter Consultant contracts to enforce weekend working.

In justification for these measures, he quoted some statistics, and made some additional statements.

These were:

“You are 15% more likely to die in hospital if you are admitted on a Sunday compared to a Wednesday”

“6000 people lose their lives every year because we don’t have a proper 7 day service”

“This is the reason the government will introduce mandatory 7 day contracts for consultants”

“This will not increase the number of hours worked by any individual doctor”

He then went on to cast some aspersions on our professionalism, and our sense of vocation.

If you want to hear this from his own lips, the link is here:


He doesn’t give…

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