“When you hear hoofbeats….think of zebras not horses……”


I know the actual saying is “when you hear hoofbeats think of horses not zebras” coined by Dr Theodore Woodward from the University of Maryland, but for the purposes of this post I want you to think of the “zebras”.  The main Onc emergencies are neutropenic sepsis and spinal cord compression, but I thought I’d talk about the metabolic and less well known ones you might come across in the ED or on the wards. I have got a 12 minute bullet point free video of my presentation!

Essentially lots of pictures and talking! Garr Reynolds and Rob Rogers (@EM_Educator) would be proud! Click on the their names for further information. I am a massive fan of making powerpoint/keynote presentations more interesting to engage the audience and not killing them with lots of bullet points like I used to. Last year I decided to buy Presentation Zen and Talk Like TED to try and change the way I give talks. One of the most important things I learnt was to practice and practice and practice the talk. You need to be the expert on the subject you are giving! There is nothing worse than someone asking you a question, in front of a big audience, that you don’t know the answer to! The next stage is trying to master “flipping the EM classroom“….. Personally, I’d rather watch a short video than a 45min video of a lecture! A lot of the information has been taken from the brilliant Life in the Fast Lane and Tintinalli, and all I’ve done is amalgamate it into one presentation. Enjoy and I hope it’s useful viewing!



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